Each year, the Global Protection Cluster (GPC), its Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) Members, including the Areas of Responsibility (AoRs), organize a Global Protection Forum with partners and field coordinators to review gaps, challenges and opportunities in protection coordination, discuss emerging protection challenges and solutions, and plan activities to be undertaken to ensure centrality and mainstreaming of protection at global and field levels.

The programme of the 2021 Global Protection Forum will include the following elements:

  • A Technical Segment (12-16 April) dedicated to field cluster coordinators, AoRs coordinators, co-coordinators and IMOs consisting of virtual workshops of 90 min each and aiming at fostering cross learning and collaboration across regions and agencies; help plan and prepare key cluster processes for 2021 (HNO/HRP, protection analysis, localization) ; and share information and knowledge. The programme of the technical segment reflects the needs expressed by coordinators through a quick survey conducted among field protection clusters as well as consultations with Global AoRs and the GPC Coordinator. Sessions were organized jointly by the GPC Operation’s Cell and the global AoRs, with contributions from field operations and partners. The agenda is available here.
  • Taking Stock of Protection Funding event (22 June) aimed at reviewing the funding level of the protection sector in 2021 against the requirements put forward in the Global Humanitarian Overview 2020 and draw attention to underfunded operations or specialized protection areas. Read the full report here.
  • A Thematic Segment (25-29 October) dedicated to the broader constituency of the GPC and designed to foster dialogue on current protection priorities, discuss emerging issues and present new evidence and good practice. This forum is an opportunity to showcase frontline work, review the new direction, hear from local voices and engage with donors. For more details on each of the sessions such as session objectives, key note speakers or background reading material, click on the below links.
  • An End-of-Year Event (01 December) organized on the eve of the 2022 GHO launch and aimed at drawing attention to the funding level of the protection sector in the Humanitarian Response Plans across all cluster operations and mobilize resource for the protection sector in 2022. For more details consult this page: On the Frontlines: Insights into the State of Protection in 2021