Shaping Protection Case Management – Identifying Challenges & Opportunities, Global Protection Forum 2021

Protection teams across humanitarian contexts have raised the need for dedicated support for a diverse range of clients who are at heighted risk of harm and are outside the scope of the existing AORs. Created out of the negative – something which was not child protection or gender-based violence – protection case management proposes a rights-based, analytical approach to case management. In October of 2019, IRC and with support from UNHCR, created the first interagency guidelines on Protection Case Management. IRC, DRC, NRC and UNHCR are committed to working closely together to ensure this intervention is prioritized as a key protection response. protection programs globally are aware of this intervention. It is vital to continue the existing momentum by socializing this approach and the accompanying guidance to the wider community of protection actors including synergies with the child protection, gender-based violence, housing land and property and mine action AORS and MPSS Inter-Agency working group. More work is needed to understand the barriers that might exist to implement protection case management in practice and discussing potential ways forward.

This thematic session is organized by the International Rescue Committee and Norwegian Refugee Council.