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Global Protection Update: Climate Crisis: A Human Rights Crisis, September 2022

We are pleased to share with you our new Global Protection Update which covers most recent protection trends reported by our field Protection Clusters.  In the third quarter of this year, we have seen the protection crisis in our operations deepen…

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Cabo Delgado Province Protection Analysis Update

As the conflict against the actions perpetrated by Non-State Armed Groups (NSAGs) in Cabo Delgado Province enters its 5th year, the people in the affected areas continue to face widespread insecurity and ongoing military operations, damaged…


Severity of Protection Risks

Every field operation reports Gender-Based Violence as being amongst top concerns. 94% describe the GBV risk as severe or extreme.

All operations describe psychological/ emotional abuse or inflicted distress amongst the affected populations. 71% rate the risk of distress as severe or extreme.

27 operations report forced displacement and impediments to freedom of movement. 88% of them classify the situation as severe or extreme.

Attacks on civilians or infrastructures are occurring in 27 cluster operations. 82% of them report the situation as severe or extreme.

Theft, extortion, eviction or destruction of personal property is a risk across 27 operations. 53% report the risk as severe or extreme.

24 operations highlight abduction, kidnapping, forced disappearance, arbitrary or unlawful arrest and/or detention as a major concern. 47% describe the risk as severe or extreme.

Presence of mines and other explosive ordnance is a risk across 26 operations. 38% rate the risk as severe or extreme.

27 operations report impediments and/or restrictions to access to documentation, remedies and justice. 47% rate the risks as severe or extreme.

"Layers of conflicts, pandemics, disasters, and marginalisation leave families with little capacity to react, little hope, pushed into harm on top of harm."

Then comes what I believe hurts the most: invisibility. Millions of people go through all of this in total solitude. Wondering if anyone knows or cares. Wondering if they matter at all. 

William Chemaly
Global Protection Cluster Coordinator
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