Task Team on Learning

The Task Team on Learning (TT-L) was created under the auspices of the Global Protection Cluster and is co-chaired by UNHCR. It is an active body gathering learning practices amongst various areas of responsibilities and strengthening the coordination amongst stakeholders on learning. The TT-L focusses on learning initiatives related to protection, protection clusters and coordination. Members of the TT-L include, inter alia, field Protection Clusters, GPC Areas of Responsibility (AoRs), OCHA, NRC, IOM, IRC, DRC, Inter-Action and IFRC.

The aim of the TT-L is to make sure that protection clusters benefit from in-country training on protection and coordination. The TT-L also supports protection clusters that wish to receive advice on designing and facilitating their own learning initiatives.

Design and Delivery of Learning Programme

The TT-L has been leading the design and the delivery of learning programmes aiming at strengthening the capacity of Field Protection Clusters. In so doing, the TT-L has enhanced engagement to mainstream protection and building capacity globally in line with the GPC Strategic Framework priority objectives.

Since 2013, the TT-L has designed and carried out the following learning programmes:

• The Protection Cluster Coordination (PCC) Learning Programme. Training courses were conducted in Ukraine, Central African Republic, Syria, West Bank and Gaza, South Sudan, Haiti, Yemen, Sudan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan;

• The Training of Trainers on Protection in Practice (ToT PiP), developed in English, French, Arabic and Spanish, and rolled out in 2015-2016 in English, Arabic, and French;

• The Protection in Natural Disasters training, which has been delivered in Pakistan and Haiti.

If you are interested in the Protection Cluster Coordination Learning Programme for your Protection Cluster, please respond to the expression of interest, which is sent to all Protection Cluster Coordinators on an annual basis.

Cluster coordinators, co-leads, and members are also encouraged to participate in the Training of Trainers (ToT) programme. For more information about upcoming events, including ToTs offered in different languages, kindly check the GPC Event Calendar.

The GPC Training Repository and the Helpdesk

All the training materials developed by the TT-L for the PCC, ToT PiP, and Protection in Natural Disasters learning programmes is made available in the GPC Training Repository.

The training sessions available in the GPC Training Repository can be used as stand-alone sessions or in combination, depending on the learning objectives, availability of time and the audience.

The TT-L also runs a Helpdesk for training-related queries. If you are looking for material on a specific topic or would like to receive advice on a specific learning initiative, you can contact the Task Team on Learning (see below).

To receive updates about the TT-L monthly meetings or to subscribe to the TT-L newsletter, please contact the TT-L coordinator (see below).


Yasmine Elbehiery  elbehier@unhcr.org
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