Webinar on Engaging with Informal Justice to Respond to Legal Aid and Justice Needs in Humanitarian Settings

This webinar is part of learning events aimed to inform a collection of good practices on legal aid in humanitarian settings, particularly focusing on three aspects deserving attention which were highlighted in a field survey conducted by the GPC TTLP last year. 

The webinar aims at discussing the following guiding questions:

✔ Coordination: How have humanitarian, development, human rights and peace actors coordinated their efforts to design and implement more effective, collaborative and joint legal aid interventions aimed at ensuring a coordinated engagement with informal justice systems in humanitarian settings?

✔ Partnership: How have protection actors enhanced the sustainability of their legal aid and access to justice interventions with informal justice systems and mechanisms? Which forms of partnership have been designed and implemented to ensure ownership of access to justice strategies? What are the specific concerns that arise when engaging with informal justice systems to advance the rights of displaced persons?

✔ Access to hard-to-reach population: has the engagement with informal justice system proven to be able to address and respond to the needs of hard-to-reach population? If yes, how? 

✔ Overall: What are some of the most common challenges, key lessons learnt and good practices that can be shared in all these areas? What tools are available to support those interested to do more in this area?