Cash and Voucher Assistance and IDP Protection


The Global Protection Cluster recognizes that Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA), like any humanitarian assistance, is strongly linked to IDP protection. For example, CVA can be a flexible and cost-effective mechanism for delivery of assistance to help vulnerable populations meet their most pressing needs and reduce negative coping mechanisms such as child labour, transactional sex, or early marriage. When used as part of comprehensive protection interventions, including strong referral mechanisms to case management and psychosocial services, CVA also has also shown the potential to contribute to specific protection outcomes such as GBV prevention and response, child protection, access to documentation, supporting access to national services, and furthering access to financial inclusion and livelihood opportunities – to name a few. Last but not least, mainstreaming protection in CVA is also critical to the well-being and protection of IDPs, ensuring adherence of rights and accountability to affected populations.

The following pages will provide additional guidance and highlight key resources for GPC members to better mainstream protection in CVA and to use CVA as a tool to help achieve protection outcomes of IDPs.