Photo Credits to Justin Kasereka. UNHCR.

As a part of the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week (HNPW), the Global Protection Cluster (GPC) and the GPC’s Advocacy and Human Rights Engagement Task Teams co-organised a peer-exchange webinar on the topic of “Collaborative Advocacy by Humanitarian and Human Rights Actors: How to better manage the tensions between Advocacy and Operational Access?”.

The event took place online on May 17 with several speakers as well as a panel discussion involving
leading protection and advocacy colleagues who shared national, regional and global perspectives on
the topic. The following questions served to guide the panel discussion:

  1. To what extent have we collectively advanced in addressing on the real or perceived tensions
    between access and advocacy?
  2. What current examples are there of positive practice to showcase how such tensions have
    been/can be managed through a more collaborative relationship with human rights actors?
    What can we learn from them?
  3. What challenges/barriers remain to using both advocacy and access to secure better
    protection outcomes for affected people?
  4. What opportunities are there to reinforce the concept that advocacy and access are both
    integral to humanitarian action and that tensions can and must be proactively managed?

Watch the recording of the event here.

Read the full summary note of the event here.