11 Oct 2021

A quick summary of last week’s news
  • Regarding the Context, The Islamic State-ISIS- has claimed the responsibility for the blast in a Shi’ite Muslim Mosque in Kunduz province that killed 50 and wounded over a hundred more civilians. The reopening of the passport office in Kabul led to hundreds of people flocked to the department giving fresh hope to escape the country. US officials met the Taliban for their first face-to-face talks in Qatar where the US side agreed on providing humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. Taliban political spokesman said there would be no cooperation with Washington on containing the increasingly active Islamic State group in Afghanistan.
  • Concerning Protection threats and effects on affected population, WHO that since August there has been a drop in COVID-19 testing and vaccinations and that around 1.6 million doses of vaccine could expire if not used quickly. Afghanistan’s state power company has appealed to UNAMA to give $90 million to settle unpaid bills before electricity gets cut off for the country. Some 700 Shi’ite Hazara minority families have been forcibly evicted by the Taliban from the Pato district in the Daikundi province. Amnesty International stated that the Taliban killed 13 people from the Hazara community, including a teenage girl, in a single massacre after its takeover in Daykundi province on 30 August. There are still about 230 Afghan female judges stranded in Afghanistan, all of them now in hiding. Save the Children warned that the collapse of Afghanistan’s health system will result in an increase of 2,170 child deaths per month.
  • On Humanitarian Response capacities, UN humanitarian agencies and their partners urged countries to honour their pledges to Afghanistan, as they rush to scale-up delivery of lifesaving aid ahead of the coming winter season. At the end of a four-day visit to Afghanistan and Pakistan, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director highlighted children’s need to access basic health care, immunization, nutrition, water and sanitation, and child protection services. UN Secretary‑General condemned the attack at a mosque in Kunduz, the third attack against a religious institution in less than a week. UNHCR Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, stated that urgent global collaboration is required to put agreed protection principles into practice. Education Cannot Wait announced today a new US$4 million First Emergency Response grant in Afghanistan that will provide 38,000 internally displaced girls and boys, including adolescents, with protective, inclusive and flexible learning opportunities.


Type Date Source Headline
Conflict 10-Oct-2021 3:55 PM Yahoo news Afghans seeking travel papers crowd passport office
10-Oct-2021 1:38 PM France 24 (EN) Taliban size up the threat from a tenacious IS-K
09-Oct-2021 4:36 AM The Khaama Press News Agency ISIS claims responsibility for deadly blast in Kunduz province
07-Oct-2021 5:37 PM Yahoo news The Taliban are helping remaining U.S. citizens evacuate from Kabul
06-Oct-2021 10:52 PM France 24 (EN) Report from Afghanistan: ‘People are desperate to get out’
06-Oct-2021 9:35 PM Yahoo news Afghans reportedly escaped Kabul through a CIA gate so secret not even the Taliban knew it existed
06-Oct-2021 7:48 PM France 24 (EN) The IS group has grown into Taliban’s ‘greatest challenge’ in Afghanistan
06-Oct-2021 4:59 PM Yahoo news Passport office reopening gives threatened Afghans hope
05-Oct-2021 9:33 AM Xinhua News (Eng.) Afghan security forces capture 11 IS-affiliated militants
Political and socio-economic landscape 10-Oct-2021 2:54 PM Ariana News IEA seizes millions in different currencies from former ‘corrupt’ officials
09-Oct-2021 8:56 PM Afghan Online Press Taliban say they will not cooperate with US to contain IS extremists
09-Oct-2021 6:03 PM Yahoo news Afghanistan: US and Taliban hold first face-to-face talks since withdrawal
09-Oct-2021 5:26 PM The Khaama Press News Agency Ready to set up inclusive but not selective government: Suhail Shaheen
08-Oct-2021 6:43 PM Yahoo news EU warns of security risks linked to migration from Afghanistan
07-Oct-2021 6:29 PM Al Jazeera English Online Russia invites Taliban to Afghanistan conference in Moscow
07-Oct-2021 11:29 AM Al Jazeera English Online Taliban still struggling for international recognition
06-Oct-2021 8:55 AM Yahoo news From insurgency to city beat: Taliban police patrols Kabul
06-Oct-2021 5:54 AM Ariana News British PM’s envoy meets IEA leaders in Afghanistan
05-Oct-2021 1:54 AM Al Arabiya Taliban appointments add to all-male Afghan government team
Institutional, legal and normative landscape 08-Oct-2021 1:37 PM ReliefWeb Afghanistan’s Health Crisis: The System is Functional – Now Donors Need to Fund It
Protection threats and effects on population
Main threats 10-Oct-2021 4:22 PM Yahoo news How the worst drought in 3 decades could exacerbate Afghanistan’s national crises — and create new ones
07-Oct-2021 5:54 AM Ariana News COVID testing and vaccinations drop across Afghanistan.
06-Oct-2021 3:36 PM Al Arabiya Afghanistan asks UN mission to pay power bills before country goes dark
06-Oct-2021 1:20 PM The New Humanitarian From rural drought to urban shortages: Afghanistan’s new hungry
06-Oct-2021 11:40 AM France 24 (EN) Afghanistan under Taliban rule: A reality far from initial promises of tolerance
Specific risks to civilian population 11-Oct-2021 6:27 AM Yahoo! News UK British and American citizens warned of threat to Kabul hotels
10-Oct-2021 4:16 PM Yahoo news Some Afghan refugees plead to go home as UK’s resettlement scheme Operation Warm Welcome runs into trouble, report says
10-Oct-2021 1:16 PM The Khaama Press News Agency Hundreds of doctors ask for their 14-month unpaid salaries in Kabul
09-Oct-2021 1:08 AM Yahoo news Uptick in Afghan targeted killings of US allies has veterans groups concerned
07-Oct-2021 7:13 PM Yahoo! News UK Now in power, Taliban set sights on Afghanistan’s drug underworld
07-Oct-2021 8:51 AM Yahoo news No more hope’: Afghan Hazaras live in fear under Taliban rule
06-Oct-2021 8:56 PM Afghan Online Press Afghan Hazaras Fear The Worst After Forced Taliban Evictions
06-Oct-2021 3:54 PM Ariana News Dozens of stranded Afghans in India appeal for help
06-Oct-2021 2:55 PM Yahoo! News UK Taliban massacred 13 members of Shia minority group in single incident, Amnesty says
06-Oct-2021 8:21 AM France 24 (EN) Fears of new regime persist in Taliban stronghold of Kandahar
05-Oct-2021 6:24 PM France 24 (EN) ‘No work, no food’: Hunger stalks Afghan cave residents after Taliban return
05-Oct-2021 7:50 AM Yahoo news Over 100 musicians flee Afghanistan, fearing Taliban crackdown
Specific risks to women and girls 09-Oct-2021 2:29 PM Al Jazeera English Online How international organisations are failing Afghan women
09-Oct-2021 11:09 AM Yahoo news Anxiety and fear for women in Taliban stronghold
07-Oct-2021 6:35 PM Yahoo news How Afghan midwives are challenging Taliban strictures on women
07-Oct-2021 4:07 PM ReliefWeb Afghan Women and Girls Under Immediate Threat: The Responsibility to Protect and Assist Is Just Beginning – Afghanistan
06-Oct-2021 5:29 PM Yahoo! News UK I feel like I’m in a cage’: Afghan girls on life at home under Taliban school ban
06-Oct-2021 4:01 PM France 24 (EN) Afghanistan under Taliban rule: What living conditions for women & girls?
06-Oct-2021 12:41 PM France 24 (EN) Report from Afghanistan: ‘Women are vanishing from public life’
06-Oct-2021 1:06 AM Yahoo news Afghanistan’s female lawyers are on the run from men they prosecuted
05-Oct-2021 3:26 PM Yahoo! News UK Girls return to schools in Afghan province, remain barred elsewhere
Specific risks to children 06-Oct-2021 5:08 PM ReliefWeb Afghanistan: Health system collapse will result in thousands of additional child deaths each month – Save the Children – Afghanistan
05-Oct-2021 12:00 PM Yahoo news They were hoping to win Fulbright scholarships. Then the Taliban took over, and the U.S. went silent
05-Oct-2021 2:57 PM UNICEF Half of Afghanistan’s children under five expected to suffer from acute malnutrition as hunger takes root for millions
Humanitarian and local response capacities
Statements and Press releases 11-Oct-2021 2:42 AM ReliefWeb UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Omar Abdi ends trip to Afghanistan and Pakistan, urges greater action to address children’s needs – Afghanistan
09-Oct-2021 3:05 AM ReliefWeb IRCS sends humanitarian aid to Afghanistan – Afghanistan
08-Oct-2021 10:43 PM ReliefWeb Secretary-General Condemns ‘Horrific’ Attack at Kunduz, Afghanistan Mosque, 8 October 2021 – Afghanistan
08-Oct-2021 2:07 PM ReliefWeb IOM Comprehensive Action Plan for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries – Afghanistan
08-Oct-2021 11:37 AM ReliefWeb Thinking Through the Dilemmas of Aid to Afghanistan – Afghanistan
08-Oct-2021 10:37 AM ReliefWeb UNHCR Regional Bureau for Asia and Pacific (RBAP): Flash External Update: Afghanistan Situation #7 (As of 1 October 2021) – Afghanistan
08-Oct-2021 3:31 AM ReliefWeb EU/Afghanistan: High level meeting must deliver Afghans to safety – Afghanistan
08-Oct-2021 2:41 AM ReliefWeb Afghanistan: Appointment of Special Rapporteur an important first step towards robust UN oversight of human rights situation – Afghanistan
07-Oct-2021 4:37 PM ReliefWeb Statement by the Members of the Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies – Afghanistan
07-Oct-2021 6:08 PM ReliefWeb Afghanistan: Weekly Humanitarian Update (27 September – 3 October 2021) – Afghanistan
07-Oct-2021 4:07 PM ReliefWeb ‘Political will’ needed to safeguard 82.4 million displaced – UNHCR protection chief – World
07-Oct-2021 1:57 PM ReliefWeb UNHCR Afghanistan: Official Crossing Points Status Weekly Update – as of 29 September 2021 – Afghanistan
07-Oct-2021 4:07 AM The Khaama Press News Agency UN calls on donors to scale up life-saving response to crisis in Afghanistan
06-Oct-2021 10:39 PM ReliefWeb ACLED Regional Overview – South Asia and Afghanistan (25 September-1 October 2021) – Afghanistan
06-Oct-2021 10:39 PM UN News Afghanistan: Humanitarians call for greater support as winter approaches
07-Oct-2021 11:17 AM ReliefWeb 68th session of the WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean – Afghanistan
06-Oct-2021 5:38 PM ReliefWeb Afghanistan: ICCT Real-Time Response Overview Situation Report (6 October 2021) – Afghanistan
06-Oct-2021 2:18 PM ReliefWeb Afghanistan: Complex Emergency Response Situation report #2 – 5 October 2021 – Afghanistan
05-Oct-2021 10:08 PM ReliefWeb UNHCR Pakistan: New Arrivals from Afghanistan Update (04 October 2021) – Pakistan
05-Oct-2021 8:36 AM ReliefWeb IOM Afghanistan Situation Report #7, 23 – 29 September 2021 – Afghanistan
05-Oct-2021 9:56 AM ReliefWeb ACBAR calls on the IEA for non-discrimination against women and girls and to uphold their right to education – Afghanistan
Humanitarian response 11-Oct-2021 9:02 AM Afghanistan Times US, Islamic Emirate agree on humanitarian aids: MoFA
07-Oct-2021 3:24 PM Ariana News UN agency to pay salaries of Afghan health care workers
07-Oct-2021 1:32 PM ReliefWeb Supporting Mental Health in Afghanistan – Afghanistan
07-Oct-2021 10:35 PM Al Arabiya Cash airlifts planned to bypass Taliban and help Afghans: Sources
06-Oct-2021 8:54 PM ReliefWeb Global Fund and UNDP Join Efforts to Maintain Access to Essential Health Services in Afghanistan – Afghanistan
06-Oct-2021 3:43 PM ReliefWeb Education Cannot Wait approves us$4 million first emergency response in Afghanistan – Afghanistan
06-Oct-2021 3:12 PM Xinhua News (Eng.) Over 3.8 mln Afghans receive assistance in September: UN
06-Oct-2021 8:38 AM Xinhua News (Eng.) WFP distributes food for kids in Afghanistan to prevent malnutrition
06-Oct-2021 1:51 AM ReliefWeb 25 NGOs Urge EU Leaders to Expand Safe and Legal Pathways for Afghan Refugees – Afghanistan
06-Oct-2021 1:51 AM ReliefWeb CARE Uses Chat to Support Teams During Times of Crisis – Afghanistan
05-Oct-2021 3:11 AM ReliefWeb SCA brings hope to children of war survivors – Afghanistan
05-Oct-2021 3:05 AM Yahoo news A humanitarian aid worker tells us why she decided to stay behind in Afghanistan: She believes there’s still hope that the media has ignored


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With the overall objective of better guiding and supporting the ongoing operations and activities in Afghanistan, the GPC is launching a media monitoring to:  

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