Mine Action in emergency settings is a critical life-saving humanitarian activity in itself and an enabler of other humanitarian activities. The Mine Action Area of Responsibility (MA AoR) is a field-oriented coordination mechanism that aims to ensure a predictable, accountable, and effective mine action response in emergencies. It envisions a world in which people living in humanitarian emergencies are protected from explosive ordnance and needs of victims are realized.

This session aims to seek the views of MA AoR coordinators, members and partners on strategic and operational guidance required to adapt to current and emerging challenges.

Important thematic areas may include: guidance on the relationship between the global MA AoR and in-country MA AoR; definitions of responsibility and synergy between different entities; new areas of work outside of traditional humanitarian mine action; governance, cooperation with national authorities and local actors including NGOs within the cluster approach; risk communication, translating protection/humanitarian objectives into mine action projects, etc.