Housing Land and Property issues cut across many aspects of crisis response including activities carried out under Shelter, CCCM and Protection clusters. This session will focus on what happens when due diligence Standards and processes meet the complex reality of an emergency context. Conducting due diligence enables humanitarian actors to ask critical questions before embarking on activities that depend on housing, land and natural resources. But what happens when this due diligence uncovers complex issues like pre-existing conflicts, multiple rights-holders, and ‘owners’ refusing the construction of emergency shelters and sanitation facilities? How do humanitarian actors respond?

This session will explore practical approaches to coordination and collaboration with and across protection, shelter, CCCM and others in response to this issue. The discussion will be based around examples and experiences that draw together skills and techniques from across the sectors. Participants will be encouraged to bring both learnings and/or challenges they currently face. Together we will pool ideas and explore possible solutions.