Side event “Predictable and decisive engagement on internal displacement”

During the UNHCR’s Executive Committee session that took place in Geneva from 7 to 11 October, internal displacement has been a key issue discussed by the delegations. The new Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, Gillian Triggs, also stressed the challenges faced by UNHCR in engaging in situations of internal displacement. She highlighted the work done by GP20 and the support it can give for the upcoming High-level panel on internal displacement.

In addition, various side events discussed different lens on internal displacement. One event was focused on the predictable and decisive engagement on internal displacement, featuring the UNHCR’s new IDP Policy. The panellists welcomed the new UNHCR’s IDP policy and stressed the need for a multi-stakeholder coordination for its implementation, especially a strong commitment of governments to take action.

Another event discussed the links between climate change and disaster displacement in the African continent. The focus was on the need for a closer look on displacement induced by disasters and to increase the preparedness and response in these emergency situations.