In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of civilian casualties from explosive ordnance. According to most recent statistics, on average globally someone is injured or killed by mines – including improvised mines – and by explosive remnants of war (ERW) every 90 minutes. The vast majority of these casualties are civilians, and nearly half are children. Refugees, internally displaced persons and returnees are also particularly vulnerable to risks from explosive ordnance.

Explosive ordnance risk education (EORE) seeks to reduce the risk of injuries from explosive ordnance by raising awareness of women, girls, boys and men in accordance with their different vulnerabilities, roles and needs and by promoting safer behaviours. Concerned about the rising accident rate, over a dozen UN agencies and international NGOs have come together to establish the Explosive Ordnance Risk Education Advisory Group (EORE AG). Launched in May 2019, the group aims to raise the global profile of EORE and identify ways of improving its effectiveness, efficiency, integration and relevance.

The EORE AG recognises that the mine action sector must work together with other humanitarian and protection actors to reduce risks from explosive ordnance and to have a long-term impact. For this reason, a core component of the workplan of the EORE AG will be to increase synergies with other sectors including protection, shelter and education, in line with the cross-sectoral approach of the 2030 SDGs. The EORE AG actively seeks participation from protection organisations and has committed to reporting regularly to the Global Protection Cluster (via the Mine Action Area of Responsibility). The GPC or other interested entities may also formally request the advice and/or guidance of the AG.

The EORE AG is co-chaired by UNICEF and a rotating NGO representative – currently the Mines Advisory Group (MAG). The Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) provides a Secretariat function. The Terms of Reference can be found here 

For questions or requests to the EORE AG, please contact its Secretary, Kaitlin Hodge, at