NRC training manual for CSO on the Kampala Convention

The training manual was developed with a view to reinforcing the capacities of African CSOs to better contribute to the protection of the human rights of IDPs. It is expected that a better understanding of the main provisions of the Kampala Convention and of the role that CSOs can play in promoting its ratification, domestication and implementation will help enhance the prevention and response to displacement.

This is implemented as part of a 3-year DEVCO funded consortium project, in which NRC-AULO is strengthening the central role of civil society in the protection, promotion and enforcement of human rights through the increasing use and awareness of African Union (AU) mechanisms and the ability to use these mechanisms for the benefit of vulnerable populations.

The training manual was official presented and launched by the NRC-AULO at the plenary session of the NGO Forum during the 64th Ordinary Session of African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) in Sharm-el-Sheik (Egypt) in April 2019 and subsequently shared with the African Union Commission’s Department for Political Affairs.

Follow the link to read the manual in English and in French