The GPC has decided to discontinue the Task Team on Protection Mainstreaming for the upcoming year. After many years of existence, there is a general consensus that the tasks that were given to this group have been completed. While efforts to make the Centrality of Protection a reality are still needed, the protection mainstreaming approach is now clearly defined and the Task Team has developed the training material, tools and guidance required for both operational agencies and coordination groups to mainstream protection into humanitarian action.

All these resources will remain available on the GPC dedicated webpage on Protection Mainstreaming. This includes the following documents:

  • The Protection Mainstreaming Training Package, available in English, French, Arabic, Spanish, UrduBurmese, Bengali.
  • The Protection Mainstreaming Toolkit, available in English (and currently being translated in French, Spanish and Arabic).
  • The Protection Mainstreaming Sector-Specific Checklists (WASH, Health, Shelter, CCCM, Food Security & Livelihoods, Protection, Education), available here.
  • The Protection Mainstreaming Introductory Video, available in English with subtitles in ArabicFrench, and Spanish.
  • The Protection Mainstreaming App available on Google Playand iTunes.
  • The Protection Mainstreaming E-Learning, available in English and in Arabic.
  • The Protection Mainstreaming and other Cross-Cutting Issues Infographic and Mapping of Tools, available here.
  • Some examples from Field Protection Clusters, available here.
  • Additional external tools on Protection Mainstreaming, available here.

Please note that although the Task Team will have no concrete work plan for 2019, we recognize that the need to promote the approach and provide technical support to the field is still very accurate. We therefore aim to keep an active Helpdesk Function to provide timely support to requests for guidance on protection mainstreaming. Requests should be sent via email to, copying and

We would also like to encourage you to subscribe to the GPC Updates  to be kept informed about GPC activities and to the GPC Community of Practice to facilitate peer to peer support as well as exchange of information and lessons learned.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all agencies and individuals who have been involved in the work of this Task Team over the years and who have supported the development of some concrete tools and guidance on protection mainstreaming. We are very grateful for everyone’s time, advice and expertise and we will remain committed to promote the protection mainstreaming approach and provide support as needed.

A message from Marie-Emilie Dozin | Protection Coordinator (IRC)