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2013 - National Policy for Addressing Internal Displacement in Republic of Yemen

Definition yes
Non-discrimination clause yes
Cause – conflict/violence yes
Cause – natural disasters yes
Cause – human-made disasters/development projects  yes
Prevention yes
Protection and Assistance yes
Durable Solutions yes
Institutional focal point yes (see pages 31 and 32)
Funding mechanism yes (see pages 31 and 35)
Data collection mechanism yes (see page 31)
Guiding Principles yes

Refers to: the Council of Ministers’ Resolution No. 38 (2012) concerning Addressing Situations of Internally Displaced Persons; Prime Minister’s Decree No. 454 and No. 455 (2009) to establish an Operational Unit for the Camps of Internally Displaced Persons; Instruction 1887 (2009) of the Ministry of Education “Enrolling Children of Internally Displaced Persons at Schools”.

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