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A bill on the protection of the rights of internally displaced persons has been debated in the Philippines for over a decade (OHCHR 2016). After President Benigno Aquino III vetoed Senate Bill No.3317 and House Bill No.5627 entitled “An Act Protecting the Rights of Internally Displaced Persons, Providing Penalties Therefor and for Other Purposes”(February 2013) in May 2013 (Senate of the Philippines 2013), the Government of Philippines committed to adopt a new national bill on internal displacement in 2015  (GPC 2016). In September 2016, the Bill No.1142 “An Act Protecting The Rights of Internally and Penalizing the Acts of Arbitrary Internal Displacement” was presented to the Senate of the Philippines and is, since then, pending in the Committee (Senate of the Philippines 2016).