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Following the ratification of the Kampala convention in June 2010, the Ministre de la Solidarité et de l’Action Humanitaire has established a Technical Committee for the Domestication of the Kampala Convention (Comité Technique pour la Domestication de la Convention de Kampala – CTDCK) through the Decision No. 2016 0109 MSAHRN-SG in April 2016. A study of the normative framework relating to the protection and assistance of internally displaced persons in Mali was conducted in 2016 and in May 2018, the Terms of Reference for the elaboration of a national legislative framework on internal displacement were developed.


2015 - Stratégie Nationale de Gestion des Personnes Déplacées Internes et des Rapatriés (2015-2017) (et Plan d'Actions)

Definition no
Non-discrimination clause no
Cause – conflict/violence yes
Cause – natural disasters no
Cause – human-made disasters/development projects  no
Prevention no
Protection and Assistance yes
Durable Solutions yes
Institutional focal point yes (see page 5 part 5)
Funding mechanism no
Data collection mechanism yes (see page 3 part III)
Guiding Principles no

Refers to: Décret N°2014-0280/P-RM du 25 avril 2014 (Ministère de la Solidarité, de l’Action Humanitaire et de la Reconstruction du Nord); Plan d’action gouvernementale 2013-2018 dans son volet mise en œuvre de la reponse humanitaire.

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