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2012 - The Prevention, Protection and Assistance to IDPs and Affected Communities Act, 2012 (No.56)

Definition yes
Non-discrimination clause yes
Cause – conflict/violence yes
Cause – natural disasters yes
Cause – human-made disasters/development projects  yes
Prevention yes
Protection and Assistance yes
Durable Solutions yes
Institutional focal point yes (see part III)
Funding mechanism yes (see parts I and III)
Data collection mechanism yes (see parts II and III)
Guiding Principles yes

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A draft IDP policy was finalised in Kenya in April 2010, which was then revised to align it with the new Constitution. In March 2011, a draft cabinet memorandum was presented to the Ministry of State for Special Programmes to revise the policy according to the reforms undertaken in the land sector. After the endorsement by the Cabinet of the “National Policy on the Prevention of Internal Displacement, Protection and Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Kenya” in October 2012, no new progress has been conducted for its adoption (IDMC 2015).

Moreover, the “Evictions and Resettlement Procedures Bill” was presented to the Parliament in 2012 but was never adopted. Kenya has also not signed the Kampala Convention. According to the Government of Kenya, there is no need to adopt an IDP policy and to ratify the Kampala Convention since there is already an Act on internal displacement that was adopted in 2012 and because there are no IDPs left in the country.


2010 – National Climate Change Response Strategy