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2015 – Stratégie Provinciale et Plan d’Action de Stabilisation pour la Province du Nord-Kivu – Sub-national Instrument

2016 - Stratégie Provinciale pour des Solutions Durables en Faveur des Personnes Déplacées Internes au Nord-Kivu

This is a sub-national policy.

Definition no
Non-discrimination clause no
Cause – conflict/violence yes
Cause – natural disasters no
Cause – human-made disasters/development projects  no
Prevention yes
Protection and Assistance yes
Durable Solutions yes
Institutional focal point yes (see page 3 point 2.1)
Funding mechanism no
Data collection mechanism yes (see page 3 point 2.1)
Guiding Principles no

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The Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has signed the Kampala Convention in February 2010, and in July 2014, it promulgated a law authorising the ratification of the convention. However, DRC has not yet ratified it. The same year, a draft law on internal displacement entitled “Projet de Loi Portant Protection et Assistances aux Personnes Déplacées Internes”, was developed by the Ministry of Solidarity and Humanitarian Action with the support of UNHCR. The draft law was passed in September 2016 to the DRC’s Law Commission (Commission des Lois) and the Council of Ministers but is still pending adoption (OXFAM 2017; UNOCHA 2017; GPC 2018). The adoption of this law has been impeded by an overcrowded legislative agenda and the lack of political momentum (GPC 2016).

Moreover, in the context of gradual closing of IDPs camps in North-Kivu, the provincial government adopted a “Stratégie Provinciale pour des Solutions Durables en Faveur des Personnes Déplacées Internes au Nord-Kivu“ (2016), while at the national level, the Government of the DRC issued an “arrêté no. 25/CAB/MININTERSECDAC/092/2013” referring to a similar strategy (“Stratégie Nationale de Solutions Durables pour les Populations Déplacées Internes et les Rapatriés”). However, as for the law, the strategy is still waiting to be endorsed (OXFAM 2017; GPC 2018).