The people of South Sudan have suffered intense and protracted conflict. The beginning of 2017 saw the declaration of famine for hundreds of thousands of people in parts of Unity States (Leer and Mayendit counties) in the northern-central part of South Sudan. In 2018, men, women, girls, and boys continue to be caught in the cross fire, directly attacked, forcibly recruited, and raped. As a result around one in every three South Sudanese have fled their homes. The number of people uprooted since the start of the conflict in 2013 has reached more than 4 million in 2018, including 1.9 million internally displaced people (IDPs). And more than 2 million people have departed to neighbouring countries. This man-made crisis has left seven million people in need of immediate life-saving protection and humanitarian assistance due to the ongoing conflict in the country. As the conflict continues, South Sudanese continue to face more and more challenges in accessing food. Due to insecurities and active conflict, people are unable to access their fields to plant or harvest crops or to reach markets. Livelihoods have been disrupted or destroyed forcing many to resort to negative coping mechanisms.

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