Chad GP20 Concept Note

Thematic Priorities IDP Engagement / Law and Policy
Timeframe 2018-2019
Stakeholders Ministries – Local administration (including Governors) – Traditional and religious leaders – UN agencies – Donors – Development actors – NGOs – International expert – Media

Problem statement

Chad – which experiences recurrent episodes of internal displacement resulting from natural disasters or inter-community conflicts as well as most recently from the Boko Haram insurgency – has acceded to the Kampala Convention and has signed the “Abuja Declaration” which, inter alia, underscores comprehensive actions to enhance protection and respond to the most urgent needs of IDPs. As a next step, Chad requires a national IDP law.


Building on the momentum and visibility generated by the 20th anniversary of the Guiding Principles and in anticipation of the 10th anniversary of the Kampala Convention, promote the development of a national IDP law, engaging IDPs in the process.


Phase one: advocacy and outreach

  • Consultations with IDPs and local authorities in the Lake Chad region to gather views and commitments with regard to the IDP law.
  • An “IDP open day” in N’djamena and the Lake Chad region to raise awareness on the situation of IDPs in Lake Chad – the region most affected by the current conflict.
  • Roundtable discussions with key humanitarian actors and discussions at the HCT to identify champions for the commitments coming out of the consultations with IDPs and local authorities.

Phase two: national forum on IDPs

A three-day event will be organized with local and national actors with the following aims:

  • o Training on law and policy.
  • o Adoption of a national guide on internal displacement that describes priority interventions.
  • o Consensus for a national law and creation of a working group for the development of the law.
  • o Agreement on a timeframe and action plan for the national law.

The Global Protection Cluster (GPC)’s Task Team on Law and Policy conducted a mapping exercise to capture up-to-date information on countries with IDP laws and policies. Read More

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