Internal Displacement – 2017 Global Figures

In 2017, 30.6 million new internal displacement associated with conflict, violence and disasters were recorded across 143 countries and territories. This is the equivalent of over 80,000 people displaced every day.

New displacements – conflict and violence

The number of new displacements associated with conflict and violence almost doubled, from 6.9 million in 2016 to 11.8 million in 2017. Syria, DRC and Iraq together accounted for more than half of the global figure.

New displacements – disasters

There were 18.8 million new internal displacements associated with disasters in 135 countries and territories. Weather-related hazards triggered the vast majority, with floods accounting for 8.6 million and storms 7.5 million. China, Philippines, Cuba and the United States were the worst affected.

Total headcount – Conflict and violence (The cumulative figure)

A total of 40 million people remained internally displaced by conflict as of the end of 2017. Of the people reported as having returned, relocated or locally integrated during the year, around 8.5 million in 23 countries may not have found truly durable solutions, and could still be displaced. Counting them would bring the global total to 48.5 million people currently displaced.

Countries with most new displacements by conflict and violence in 2017

  1. Syria: 2,900,000
  2. Democratic Republic of Congo: 2,200,000
  3. Iraq: 1,400,000
  4. South Sudan: 857,000
  5. Ethiopia: 725,000
  6. Philippines: 645,000
  7. Central African Republic: 539,000
  8. Afghanistan: 474,000
  9. Somalia: 388,000
  10. El Salvador: 296,000

Countries with most new displacements associated with disasters in 2017

  1. China: 4,500,000
  2. Philippines: 2,500,000
  3. Cuba: 1,700,000
  4. United States: 1,700,000
  5. India: 1,300,000
  6. Bangladesh: 946,000
  7. Somalia: 899,000
  8. Viet Nam: 633,000
  9. Ethiopia: 434,000
  10. Nepal: 384,000

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